Pill Popping and Vitamins Have Become a Marketing Plot!

The vitamin industries are growing in an accelerating fast rate and not always for the benefit of health. The vitamin business has become a profit driven market and this is not the best outcome for the average person’s health unless they know exactly what to look for.

There seems a barrage of marketing strategies by companies using big-name celebrities to push their goods out the door. They are clever advertisements and commercials as well convincing for many, an excellent marketing plot, but not for the benefit of our health. The message demonstrates all the options: “A pill for everything”. A pill to make you look younger, to give you more energy, to improve your sex live, to boost your mood, to help you sleep, and on and on it goes. Benefits of consuming Testogen – Increases T-Levels by 47%?

No matter how good some of this stuff is, it never will be good enough to replace a natural, nutritious healthy diet and exercise. There are good supplements and vitamins not loaded with isolates and synthetics, it is advisable being most vigilant in the research before deciding on what and which one to use.

Taking a pill is the norm… just because it’s called a ‘vitamin’!

By eating unhealthy food and being on a junk food diet will not solve the problem by taking vitamins. Vitamins can not replace the lack of quality in food, therefore exploring the health benefits of food is most crucial in correcting our diet for better health, or improving any health issue. Only then you will get the benefit by using the correct supplementation and being consistent with it. Supplements are of no benefit by taking them for short times only, it is consistency that matters.

Mixing too many vitamins can do more harm than good; also many of the supplements quality is questionable. Before taking any supplements research the product, check out the company’s time of existence and it’s track record, some sell anything for a fust buck. There are many supplements in pill form that are synthetic isolates which are not natural. The label may say there are 40 or more ingredients, but often in small amounts, many of which are of dubious value. Companies get away with this type of marketing because the regulatory system lack security of claims and has ineffective penalties for advertising violations. Without doing your homework and selecting carefully the only thing you may get out of this is a colourful and expensive urine flow down the sewer pipes!

Supplements must only be of natural ingredients!

There is no question about it: Vitamins and supplements have a legitimate place in our overall health. We think that most of us are getting their essential nutrients from a healthy diet, but it is known from official statistics that most people are not eating the required amount of vegetables and fruits.

Supplements in a pill form often not dissolve completely and pass through your system with little or no benefit. Supplements in liquid form are more effective; they absorb totally and go faster in to the bloodstream.

Their ingredients are better from organic fruits and/or vegetables, all with the essential fats for heart health and also glucosamine for joint mobility. A multi supplement as such taken consistently will make up of some shortfall you may have in your diet and this is important to your overall health.