Developing Real Estate in Costa Rica

Building a home in Costa Rica has become more popular for foreigners who are looking for a vacation home or permanent residency because of the great social and economical climate of Costa Rica. Building a home in Costa Rica can be challenging, however, and if you are planning to build a home in Costa Rica there are a few things you will need to consider. glenn delve

Chances are you will use a local contractor for the construction of your home. Overseeing the construction long distance is not a good idea and you will need to understand Spanish or have a translator available at all times to make sure things are going smoothly. Many foreigners who build homes in Costa Rica cannot communicate with their contractor because they do not speak Spanish and this leads to their home not being built to their specifications.

The building process in Costa Rica is very different than the building process in the United States. The U.S has strict building codes everywhere however Costa Rica does not have strict building codes in all places. Some places do not have any building codes at all, other places strictly enforce their codes, and some places have codes but do not enforce them. Be sure you are familiar with the municipality where you are building and abide by the codes for your property if there are any.